Our first mesh

In the 80's, Clamart was one of the basins of knitting know-how, with more than 1000 workshops working at full capacity, making 40% of French sweaters.
Faced with relocation and globalization, most of them have disappeared. 


We wanted to highlight one of the last family-run workshops in Clamart, where we met the entire team several times for the adjustments of our first knit. So we are very proud to have been able to make our first vest thanks to them! 🧶



We worked together to choose natural Italian threads that we could use for our aselected high quality 100% merino wool because it is a light and fine hair that resists to temperature variations.

We have alsoWe have also chosen the RWScertification for these yarns, a worldwide standard that aims to ensure the well-being of sheep and respect for the pastures.

Merino sheep wool is very soft, breathable and regulates the temperature by cooling in summer and warming in winter. It does not wrinkle and is a naturally biodegradable fiber.

So offering you this type of product with the idea that you can wear this vest in any season and even over your little summer dresses was a no-brainer for us. 😍

Discover our First Knit / Chloé Vest.