It's decided, I'll (really) let go during my vacations


That's it, you're on summer vacation 🎉

To make the most of it and come back rested, I give you the 3 tips I try to apply during my vacations to (really) let go. 



Disconnect & LIVE without screens

I generally take advantage of this quiet period to cut with the hyper-connection, which does not always help to rest the mind.


Goodbye to Gmail, Slack, Outlook, Instagram, Facebook or any other online social network. It's the OFF time tofeel present, to stop being hyper-stimulated and disconnect. Make room for Well-Being.


Often, the body is challenged during the busy times of the year. This is the time to become aware of the present moment by taking time in every moment, while sunbathing, walking - running or swimming, cooling off in the water, living the sweet moments with your family, by taking time to be aware of your state, to feel, to breathe, to be there.

To be forgotten

  • Agenda, watch and phone or mac charger to enjoy the vacations and disconnect... 




I adopt the No Planning


My activity schedule is not organized at all during the summer vacations. It's true that the rest of the year, I like to plan and frame everything. But here, I like to let myself go and do as I go.

When I'm on vacation, I tell myself that it's a good time not to have a precise schedule, no program of visits or activities. I always have a book on the region that I go through as I go along & I do the activities by feel. This allows me to feel good. For me, there is no reason to put pressure on myself during my vacations. 

And above all, even if I am with my family and everyone has their own desires. I compose to find activities that we can all share but I also claim time for myself. 


I take advantage of this time to meditate, get a massage, write, draw, do yoga and exercise.


At the beginning of the school year, I continue with my good habits

I tell myself each time I go back to school that if the vacations allow me to let go, to take a step back and to have my batteries well recharged, there are good habits to prolong. Everyday life sometimes takes over and I can tend to go at a thousand miles an hour because I love my work and the action. 



So for a serene return, I prolong this hygiene of life and I learn from what I lived on vacations by continuing on a varied diet, rest, sport, meditation, and time for me. 

Not to be forgotten every day

Give myself at least one hour a day of meditation and exercise just for me.   


And you, what is your state of mind on vacation?

I hope you enjoy your vacations :)