Céline, Our Client of the Month

Your favorite piece at Elleanor de Provence?

This is the little top that I wear Leonie which is in watercolor fabric, very nice to wear

Your hated moment of the day? 

Not very original but I don't like it too much in the morning. 

Your favorite part? 

It's the afternoon, not very original either but it's my favorite time. The sun has passed the Zenith in summer. It warms us up and it's so nice. I am in Vendée but I am still very happy to be able to wear Elleanor de Provence in Vendée. 

How does it feel to wear it? 

In it I feel like a true Queen.

Elleanor de Provence in 3 words ?

It is difficult to give only three words but if I have to retain three: femininity because we feel really woman in the clothes Elleanor de Provence, the quality, it remains clothing made in France, the quality is top, the originality, when I walk in the street I do not have this feeling to dress like everyone else. I have this feeling of being really unique.